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Just a nice sometimes not consistently updated view of my running cycling and (fingers crossed) swimming

must go swimming must go swimming must go swimming....

boomclarenby boomclarenMar 20th 2010
wonder what i'll be talking about?...

i'll get onto the swimming in a bit though.

Just switched hospitals and have a new placement with the paediatric department which i've been looking forward to for a long time, the placement itself hasn't really got going yet but next week it should be far more beneficial.

I'm also getting to the stage now where i need to begin applying for my medical electives for next april / may, i get 2 months off to study medicine anywhere in the world (providing i organise it) before i start work "proper" as a doctor (it's been a long time coming). I'm trying to think of what to do, it'll be my last chance to travel for a long time so i'm tossing up whether to go somewhere with great medicine or somewhere with great beaches......that's not really what i'm looking for though. I'm really tempted to try and get a place on an electives programme in new zealand, several reasons for this, 1: they have some fantastic surgical specialist centres, 2: never been there 3: i think there'll be some brilliant cycling opportunities.

it's all pretty exciting really, any suggestions for where i should go?

now to training. i've been running, loads, 2 runs a day quite often, long runs up to 20 miles, so running is all good.
cycling, all turbo based, reason is i just haven't had the time to get in any long cycles so getting it all done on the turbo. not ideal but better than nothing
swimming...what swimming? i haven't been in over a month, that is terrible, really really bad, if i want to do this ironman i have to swim more. looking forward for some open water swimming opportunities too.

in other news 2010 is finally beginning to look a bit brighter as my brother is getting over a fairly serious illness and major surgery.

happy training.
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