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new year, new goals

boomclarenby boomclarenJan 5th 2010
So after a festive period in which i unexplainably managed to maintain fitness regardless of the vast amount consumed, i feel decidedly nervous.

i think that this is because this year i will do my first ironman distance event, back in 2009 (a huge 5 days ago) august 2010 sounded very far away but now it doesn't. I'm happy with where i am physically, i have what i think is an adequate base and i know that i can build on this. I'm getting happier with my swimming, looking forward to getting out in the open water with a wetsuit to see how pool fitness translates into the real world. Running i'm always happy with, just because of the fact that i love it and even when it's cold and miserable and i'm going slower than normal i still really enjoy running. Cycling though, which i thought would be the least of my worries, is playing on my mind, nothing specific except that my bike is a little worse for wear after i stacked it on some ice...gears don't seem to like working.
would love to be able to afford a coach, would make life a lot easier wouldn't it...though before i have cash to throw around i'll just have to strap on a pair and watch people swim a lot faster than me at club sessions.

that all made very little sense, i just have a feeling that all is not right, so what i've decided to do (may be very foolishly) is step back. i have 8 months before my race and lots of very important exams coming up as i head towards my final year of medical school. i've always said to myself that if i never want to feel guilty training, however much i enjoy training i never want to substitute it for anything else that is important in my life, priority 1=health, priority 2=as long as i can remember i've wanted to be a doctor.

so rather abruptly goals for 2010"
1=pass all medical exams
2=complete first ironman distance race
3=aiming for sub 13 hour time

good luck everyone in 2010

ps if any coaches or anyone who know anything is reading this, how would 2km in the pool at 40 mins translate into open water?
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