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Just a nice sometimes not consistently updated view of my running cycling and (fingers crossed) swimming

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boomclarenby boomclarenJun 8th 2010
Been a while so thought I'd update a bit...

Just started anaesthetics placement in Swindon, so upping sticks and relocating has allowed me a whole new area to explore while racking up the miles...would like there to be more miles racked up at this point however.

it's now under 9 weeks til the outlaw starts lets break the disciplines down:

SWIM: the dreaded swim, seemingly every amateur triathletes achilles heel. anyway i'm ok I think, in the pool last weekend I did the full 3.8km in 1 hour 17, and felt that i may be able to cycle afterwards. I am however yet to venture into open water, but my shiny new wetsuit should be delivered in the next few days and therefore I should be able to test it out in henleaze lake this weekend. there's also a big dirty lake in swindon close to the hospital, going to investigate if they allow swimmers to break the scummy surface, it's the perfect length 2, 4 lengths is just over the required IM distance swim.

BIKE: i'm ok, not overjoyed, but ok. Been racking up regular 70 plus mile cycles, about 1 a week roughly. can manage an average of around 17 mph while staying comfortable so i'm ok with that...

RUN: Most comfortable here, taunton marathon a few weeks ago was a fairly comfortable affair which was a positive, a few 18 milers since then so feeling ok.

I'm just looking to finish, i'm not looking to break any records here, only my own...which should be easy seeing as whatever time i finish will be my fastest ironman.

Had a mini injury scare, twisted my knee climbing and had a horrible feeling that Mr Meniscus was rearing his ugly head but settled over a few days so not too concerned.

Hope everyone is well

Train happy
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