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Snowy leigh woods

boomclarenby boomclarenJan 10th 2010
Snowy leigh woods
This week i've been mostly concentrating on swimming getting more distance under my belt, i've been asking advice of some of my friends who are serious swimmers but when they're not there at the pool with me i fall back into bad habits, i know i keep saying this but i need to go along to a session when people actually know what they're talking about and can give me advice when i'm in the water...oh and there's an added problem that when i really concentrate on my stroke i unfortunately forget to breathe which is a slight necessecity, nevermind i'm sure i'll get there.

I'm really enjoying the added complication of snow on my runs, i suppose that's another problem, the club swims are usually in the mornings and i don't want to give up my morning runs at the moment, it's just the best way to wake up. throw yourself out of bed slap on your kit then out into the icy air to give yourself a good smack in the face and blow away the cobwebs. had a brilliant run out in the snowy leigh woods today, was supposed to be a quick 5 miler but all the trails looked the same and i was feeling good so without really realising i got a wee bit lost and when i looked at my gps when i got home it said 10 miles, but i really enjoyed it. the snow really transforms your everyday run into something different, it shakes everything up a bit and really puts you in a positive mood now that i've got to get back and bury my nose in some textbooks.

but next week will be a light week, work is building up not to mention the 2 presentations i have looming in front of me:
1. chemotherapy in ovarian cancer
2. exercise in pregnancy

oh joy of joys...
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