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so it begins...

boomclarenby boomclarenNov 9th 2009
right, chatting to a mate on the club ride about a subject we've been chatting about for a while ironman distance event.

after um-ing and ah-ing for the last few weeks while we finished the group ride as he peeled off to head home we both decided to race back to our respective houses and beat each other to sign up for The Outlaw in Nottingham on the 8th August, so I've got long enough to train right?...

quite excited, but must remember not to go crazy with the training already, been reading a lot of stuff but if anyone reading this has some advice over how long to build up my training to get a decent Ironman distance time. I've got a good base, running is my strongest discipline, swimming my weakest. so if anyone knows any good regimes i'd be very appreciative.

on other notes, loving the early morning runs at the moment, bloody cold in our house as central heating packed up this weekend so running is a nice way to get the blood going early doors, depressingly i also have the turbo trainer set up in front of the computer. long nights ahead.
IMnadineby member: IMnadine, Nov 16th 2009 17:41
Hi! Ironman distance is an amazing race! I´m telling you once you try it you´ll be hooked! Training really depends on your goals, wether you want to just finish strong or you have a finishing time in mind.
-1st Ironman 12 weeks and I felt it was too little.
-2nd Ironman 16 weeks I improved but was not happy with my finishing time.
This coming year I plan to do a 36 week plan.
My race is again in November I am already training for a half marathon in January, a 50k in March and a half Ironman at least two months prior to Ironman.
Weekly hours some people go with 11 and top at 15. If you can juggle the hrs on your schedule I would suggest reaching 18. MAKE SURE YOU SCHEDULE RECOVERY TECHNIQUES!!!
Swim- most peoples weakest sport I suggest at least 3 times per week training. If you can I would go for 5 days!

Bike-Basically you need to be able to start at 3hrs your long rides and every weekend increase a half hour for three weeks in a row. Then on your fourth week bring it down to 3:30, then bring it up again to where you left off on your longest ride. You don´t need to go beyond 7hrs for the bike.

Run-On the run you start at 18km or 2hrs and bring it up either 3km or 10% time increase. Same thing with the 3week increase than bring it down to 15km every 4th week. I really suggest you try out a half ironman somewhere on your training year to have a feel for the longer distance. HOPE IT HELPS! HAPPY TRAINING!:)
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