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Something strange...

boomclarenby boomclarenJun 20th 2010
I'm a little concerned, something very strange happened to me that has never happened before...I think I may have enjoyed a swim session.

I've always been (and probably always will be) a average to poor swimmer, I blame my legs unbelievable desire to refuse to kick "from the hips" and instead prefer to flail about in a corkscrew fashion making them less than effective, in fact they probably are a significant disadvantage. Anyway back to the enjoying swimming, it was my second open water swim session with the club today (first one last sunday) having spent 2 seasons embarrassed at my inability to set the world alight with my swimming, anyway last week I think I enjoyed it but couldn't be sure so just had to make sure. Once I had convinced myself that it was highly unlikely that Henleaze lake contained either a) a shark, b) a crocodile and finally c) a mermaid (a half fish-woman...if that isn't petrifying I don't know what is) I hopped in with my shiny new-ish wetsuit that makes me look unusually like a seal and set about swimming. Roughly 2.5km later out I popped and the first thing I thought was "That wasn't a chore and I wish the session wasn't stopping now" I then had to quickly check that I wasn't delirious or dehydrated and then realised that this swimming malarky isn't all bad.

Onto more serious things I wish I didn't have to sleep...then I could actually get done everything that I need to do to a) get through medical school, b) fit in enough training to finish my first iron-distance race in august and c) not crawl under a rock and become a hermit. The problem is that my most recent passion (triathlon) and goal (The Outlaw in august) is beginning to impinge on my long term passion (medicine) and goal (becoming a doctor). I made a promise to my biggest fan (mother) that I wouldn't let triathlon get in the way of my studies, and I kept to that, I've always enjoyed training and going further than I thought I could, I've always found it an escape, it relaxes my brain and I can sort stuff out. However as I know that I need to up the volume it's becoming almost impossible to find enough hours in the day to get balance between work and training/play. I suppose it's a common problem for endurance athletes, but recently I've found getting up at 5:30 to get an hour run in before spending the hours of 8am til 6pm in hospital then trying to find time for another run and writing up notes, I find myself getting into bed past midnight then getting not really enough sleep to recover physically and mentally.

But I've set myself this challenge and things could be a lot worse and I have not right to whinge, it's just unfortunate that the summer sporting schedule (world cup + wimbledon + tour de france) is conspiring to push my time management skills to the limit.

Started off funny (or at least I think I was) and then got serious and whingey...rant over.

Happy training.
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