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boomclarenby boomclarenMar 16th 2009
knee's feeling much better than last week, problem is that i need to stop running to let it get better, but the frustrating thing is that for no apparent reason my running style has changed and i'm flying along with it and not losing energy at all (it seems).

did a lovely run this morning out along the river in bristol, perfect weather for it, crisp yet sunny. could only get 6 1/2 miles in as i've got my psychiatry exams on thursday, so it's swotting up in the library all day, triblogs has given me a nice respite from work.

it's good to see what everyone else is getting up to i various parts of the world, keeps me going anyway.

read "what i talk about when i talk about running" by haruki murakami" last week, great book and makes me very jealous of his lifestyle...not sure i'll ever have the amount of time he has for training, nevermind though, it makes me enjoy the decent runs i can ge tin all the more.

trying to get my girlfriend to sign up for the forest of dean cyclosportive at the beginning of may, looks like a good route, but she's only just getting into cycling so could be a little bit of a struggle for her, anyway i'll press her on the subject more this evening...

anyway must get back to work.
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