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tendonitis part 2

boomclarenby boomclarenApr 7th 2009
so frustrating. the only way it'll get really better is if i don't use my entire leg for a while, this however is fairly impossible as i have to be on my feet all day at ward rounds. nevermind, it's getting really annoying though, swimming even aggravates it.

it doesn't even hurt that much i just know that if i train on it i'll take myself right back down to square 1. so instead i've been doing a lot of core work and swim related muscle training, no where near as much fun as cycling or running but it's best that i get fit again now rather than just before my marathon.

feeling fairly broke at the moment as i've gone to town on the races i've entered:

swift white peak 1/2
edinburgh marathon
220 evening tri
city of bath tri
bristol tri

so seeing as i've entered all of them i better get use of my leg back soon so i don't embarrass myself by having to hop over the finish line.
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