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the fear

boomclarenby boomclarenMar 25th 2009
Yesterday, went for a nice 8 mile jog, wanted to properly gauge my pace when running really comfortably, i've had trouble with that since getting a GPS and i've become a slave to the minute/mile number. anyway i was wearing my gps but refusing to look at it, this took a lot more self control than i thought it would.

i found a nice 8 mile loop out and around back into gloucester, and set off comfortably. after 2 or so miles my right leg, just above my ankle began to feel a bit sore and refusing to relax i carried on. since then it's been the epitome of "achey", to add fuel to my worried fire i went to a lecture last night on sports medicine and the consultant mildly freaked me out about overuse injuries and stress fractures, so my little ankle niggle suddenly became a definite stress fracture (in my mind at least). anyway decided to lay off the running for a few days see how it'll be a good chance to pick up on swimming and start a slightly better training regime on that.
Tags: injury
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