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Three's a charm

boomclarenby boomclarenJan 27th 2010
So I was feeling a bit knackered, not surprising as I'd increased my training load rather dramatically, but it wasn't high intensity stuff, being sensible heeded the warnings my body was telling me and i decided to have a week off which is incredibly difficult.

first run after a week off and rolled my ankle in the woods, which isn't the end of the world just out of action for a bit, then everything went a little downhill...rather long term relationship went down the pan, what would i like to do to, what can i not, nevermind though just think of all the time i'll have to train now and thoroughly take my mind off the subject. then rather significant family member passed away, i was prepared for this for some time but still when it happens it knocks you about a bit, but i've just got so much else on at the moment, i know this is a whinge but i'm entitling myself to a bit of a whinge, life seems to have given me a fair old whack in the undercrackers...

anyway trying to knuckle down with work make sure i don't fall behind then hit the training hard in a week's time.

oh and i've decided that a beard will make me go faster in my ironman, caveman power, beard growing mission starts next week...maybe a progression in photo's would be moderately interesting to someone somewhere, highly unlikely though.
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