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Time to step up

boomclarenby boomclarenDec 9th 2009
So i'm back properly training, I have decided I have now officially started IM training, there are a few reasons for this:

1. last week i did no training, i was working crazy shifts on the delivery suite, 8pm to 8am then starting again at 2pm to 10 pm and other such ridiculous wasn't stress free work either helping to deliver babies, it can all get rather frantic and there's never really a moment to properly chill out. so this week i was back on it and decided that following my "rest" week it was time to start properly

2. on monday i did all 3 disciplines properly, not entirely sure where the time came from, i kept thinking that i was most probably missing something important but i was enjoying the training so i just carried on, hour long jog in the morning, decent swim in the afternoon (still a bit scared of the pool) and 1 1/2 hours on the turbo in the evening.

So monday was day one...long way to go.

I'm going to take it easy for a while, i'm fairly confident that i have the base fitness there and i really just need to keep it ticking over til I really lay the quantity on thick, but swimming is my achilles heel.

Thinking ahead to august next year and the outlaw tri, i have few worries about the run in fact i think i could be competitive in it, and i'm fairly sure i could get through the bike but the swim...i have a "taught myself" technique which wouldn't even fit into the same paragraph as "efficient" i think i am the epitome of windmill arms and don't even get me started on what my legs depressingly regard as kicking.

My best olympic distance time was 31:21 for the swim but that was pushing it, so not sure how i'm going to up my efficiency, anyway forced myself into a little personal 1000m time trial with myself and tried to maintain an easy pace, 21:45 was my time which was ok i think (swim times are lost on me) but i really want to see how it translates into open water (having never really swam properly in open water).

Just looking forward to the tri-clubs open water sessions up in henleaze to see how it goes. I also need to grow some balls and get along to the club swim sessions to pick up some tips.

got to fit in christmas shopping at some point too.
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