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boomclarenby boomclarenMar 3rd 2010
So started a new placement, which for now is soul-destoyingly painful as it's all statistics in medicine which my brain just does not compute with, but hey it has to be done so i should just suck it up and get it done.

training has been going well, took the first sizeable (monetary) hit in my route to ironman distance the other day, i had my bike serviced + part replacement to the tune of £'s cheaper than a new bike. Since falling in my last triathlon of 2009 i have been stuck on the big front chain-ring as my left shifter has been a little worse for wear, so i i needed a new one of them. also since owning my steed it has done thousands upon thousands of miles and i have only replaced the front deraileur and the chain, so i need new brakes/cassette/chain.

i've always done my own bike maintenance but have often neglected things like bearings and bottom brackets, which lead to the classic guilt trip by the bike crew, feels like being at school and being told off and then you genuinely feel guilt that you haven't looked after your pride and joy.

nevermind, they did a cracking job and it now it feels like i'm cycling on air. getting back into training a lot more after the last few weeks, been running loads and feel really good about it, but do need a new pair of running shoes now, thinking of maybe going for a lighter-weight pair of shoes. on the turbo a lot too which i'm finding less boring, looking forward to a club ride soon, haven't been on one for a while due to the sorry state of my bike.

final attacks. i love dogs, i'm a dog person, however as soon as i get into running kit i obviously look very tasty. normally i'm fine when a "normal" sized dog has a charge, however last night went for a big old run, spotted a big dog (mastiff like) with his owner + friends outside a pub, he looked pleasant enough but then a car alarm went off he got a bit agitated spotted me and went for it. a full on jaws-open lunge at my arm followed which required a quick bit of fending off before sprinting in the other direction. it's ok really, dogs are dogs and they may attack, i honestly am not sure what i would've done had it taken a good bite out of me just wish the owners would keep a closer eye on their dogs every now and then...what are your techniques on dog attack avoidance?...

ooh that was a long post, i apologise it wasn't very enthralling.
swoodelby member: swoodel, Mar 5th 2010 09:32
I'm not really a dog person so I prepare myself to punch them in the face if they come too close!! But mainly I just speed up and get past them as quick as possible.

Most dog owners are great though and tend to keep their dogs in order, and for this I thank them!
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