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What now?...

boomclarenby boomclarenOct 6th 2010
I have to say that since the ironman i'm not really sure what i'm doing...having dedicated so much of the last year to training for it I've only just realised how important it was for me. On a personal note 2010 has been a terrible year for me, I won't divulge (i think i have anyway in previous posts) but all the training gave me time to think, I've always felt that running is the best time to clear your mind and leave trouble behind, there's nothing you can do about anything while you're running apart from put one foot in front of the other, that's maybe why i love it so much.

since completing a rather hefty goal and having some time to reflect it's dawned on me how much has actually happened this year and were it not for 140 miles of distraction to train for i'm not sure i would have dealt with it as well as i have done (that's not saying i've dealt with it well, it just would've been a whole lot worse without running) and now i've got a lot of time on my hands to chew the cud as they say. reading back over this it's not making a whole lot of sense but i'll carry on regardless.

i've taken a slightly different direction with my training, it's nice to go for long slow runs with friends who want to get faster, it's even nicer if they're asking you to give them some advice to help them, and it's even nicer to see their results improve (i've recently had that pleasure). By no stretch of the imagination am i (or ever will be) a coach but it's nice to be able to impart a bit of knowledge, also in our group of junior doctors and medical students (placed at a new hospital in weston-super-mare) i've started running a circuits class, completely by accident i might add, a few friends wanted me to figure out a circuit plan for them, some people saw us doing it in the gym asked to join and it's steadily growing...which is nice.

i don't know what i'm blabbering on about but realised i hadn't posted for some time and if anyone is remotely interested in anything i've ever said then this very poor summary of the last month may be of some slight interest.

so back to my first point...what now? doing the sodbury slog in november and maybe an ultra marathon in february, but who knows.

happy (winter) training everyone...time to dust off the old turbo?
teamthinkstrongby member: teamthinkstrong, Oct 7th 2010 02:00
Hi there, just did my 1st IM distance Triathlon few weeks ago and feeling somewhat similar to what you wrote about :) Very nice summary and race report! And never say never! I can most certainly detect some great coaching qualities in you! :)
Anna83by member: Anna83, Oct 27th 2012 17:51
I had similar experiences :-/ Had a rubbish year in my personal life, and sport has helped me loads to cope better. As you, I'm not sure I cope(d) well, but definitely it was good to be able to just go and and enjoy the moments on the bike or the run or the swim :)
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