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3 is the magic number

Final few days of Prep

buzbyjnrby buzbyjnrNov 13th 2009
Final few days of Prep
Base 1 Week 1 starts on Monday, so its the final 3 days of prep, before the real training starts.

next week's target is 12hrs, 7:15 on the bike, 4:15 run + some core.

No swimming as i'm planning on focussing on the Bike and most importantly the run for the next couple of months. As i'm from a swimming background i'm lucky in the 6-8 weeks of solid swim training and i can get myself to a solid level for competition.
BikeBike1h:30m (41%) 21km
RunRun2h:10m (59%) 19.7km
Stats for: Nov 7th 2009 to Nov 13th 2009 (7 days)
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