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Cburb's Journey
Cburb's Journey
This Blog will chronicle the journey to my first sprint tri. We will find out if I am crazy or not. If I can really do this - I will have beaten the naysayer that sits on my shoulder. Let's silence the B@#$H

Bad Running day

cburbby cburbApr 15th 2009
For some reason, I can't get over this fear of running. I tried running two laps in a row and my back started to tense up and legs started to hurt. My breating was very labored and that stupid chest pain came and went about 3 times. I need to get that checked again. But I ended up walking after that. Psyched myself out completely. that chest pain is what did it mostly. I will call the doctor today - they will make a big fuss and it will be nothing -AGAIN. Maybe I can just walk the race....
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