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Cburb's Journey
Cburb's Journey
This Blog will chronicle the journey to my first sprint tri. We will find out if I am crazy or not. If I can really do this - I will have beaten the naysayer that sits on my shoulder. Let's silence the B@#$H

Big Brick

cburbby cburbApr 26th 2009
This was probably the hardest brick we have faced. Swim 750yds then run 40 min. Of course I did not run the 40 - we walked outside though - covered 2 miles in 35 min. I did jog a bit and of everything, my knees felt it the most. it was easier to jog outside though than inside. The swim was easy, as usual. Trying to keep from pausing at the end of every length. 18 min for the distance... I wish there were an open water place near by that we could swim in.
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