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Cburb's Journey
Cburb's Journey
This Blog will chronicle the journey to my first sprint tri. We will find out if I am crazy or not. If I can really do this - I will have beaten the naysayer that sits on my shoulder. Let's silence the B@#$H

Good Brick

cburbby cburbApr 9th 2009
First pretty intense brick. 500 yd swim followed by 30 min bike (6 miles). Swim wasn't so good - I kept choking on the water and my goggles were malfunctioning, but I still managed to finish in approx 12 min. I need different goggles. But the bike felt good. While I felt a bit fatigued in my legs, my pace was steady at 12.5 mph and my breathing was easy - not taxed. The time went fast. Good sign. And a bonus is that I have lost 4 lbs so far!!!
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