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Cburb's Journey
Cburb's Journey
This Blog will chronicle the journey to my first sprint tri. We will find out if I am crazy or not. If I can really do this - I will have beaten the naysayer that sits on my shoulder. Let's silence the B@#$H

Mind over Matter

cburbby cburbApr 25th 2009
I will admit, it was a little daunting to think of an hour on a stationary bike. Yikes! But I watched the clock go down and I got through it. I started getting andy and tired with around 28 minutes to go... a bit queasy too. Diner before work out is tough... but I worked through it! My breathing is good. My legs are still get a bit tired, and by butt isn't hurting as much anymore... I wonder why that happens... Took the bike to get it tuned. Can't wait to get outside.
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