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Cburb's Journey
Cburb's Journey
This Blog will chronicle the journey to my first sprint tri. We will find out if I am crazy or not. If I can really do this - I will have beaten the naysayer that sits on my shoulder. Let's silence the B@#$H


cburbby cburbApr 28th 2009
Had to ride the recumbent bike today. Event though I was up at 7 in resistance, I never feel like I m working as hard as on the upright. Soon I will get outside and carry my own weight and see a HUGE difference. MY knee was sore too... have to focus on that more
boomclarenby member: boomclaren, May 18th 2009 18:38
hi mate, just wondering how the training's going, stick to it.
cburbby blog author: cburb, May 18th 2009 18:50
I am still at it! Training getting tough now... just kind of mad at this site for losing all my data.
boomclarenby member: boomclaren, May 18th 2009 21:31
ok, good to hear it's still going strong. i lost a bit of data too but what can you do, nevermind.
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