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Broken foot, swimming, triathlon

Broken Foot - a time for reflection, and new goals.

cedwardsby cedwardsJan 3rd 2013
So I broke my foot (oblique shaft fracture of 5th metatarsal) on 11th December last year and I'm currently in a cast. Bummer. Meant i couldn't do the Ely NYE 10km run, and training was going so well. My aim had been sub 55min, and I'd managed to run 4km at 11km/hr and felt comfortable.
Oh well. I'll just have to refocus. Annabel (sister-in-law) bought me Chrissie Wellington's book for Xmas - which I've read in just a few days (very quick for me), which was very inspiring and made me think about what got me into triathlon originally. My first triathlon was in 2003. I had swum competitively at school and taken up running at university - initially running from lamppost to lamppost then taking a break. Living in Copenhagen I cycled everywhere. I missed competition in sport, and failing to find any adult swimming races, decided triathlon was the way to go.
Reflecting on this I've not explored or thought about other options for 10 years now. But suddenly there are 10km swim events - maybe this is just what I need. I feel pretty excited about just having signed up to Royal Berkshire - Festival of sport 10km open water swim at Eton Dorney lake on 24th August. Maybe I'll finish in a half decent time as opposed to the bottom end of a triathlon table (always having finished strong on the swim despite little training). It's really difficult to work out what I'm capable of 10km wise - I have put down 2hrs45mins for now....
The more I think about doing a 10km swim, the more right it seems.
So just to get my foot to heal, (hopefully cast comes off at the end of this month), then into swimming training I go! (Oh I have also signed up to Blenheim this year!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jan 3rd 2013 11:57
Sorry to hear about your foot but sounds like the 10km swim will be a great new focus for you, good luck with that and with Blenheim too!
cedwardsby blog author: cedwards, Jan 3rd 2013 14:04
Thanks Sarah! Feeling very excited about getting back to training!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jan 3rd 2013 15:08
I bet, being injured is very frustrating when you're used to being active.
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