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First swim since breaking my foot.

cedwardsby cedwardsJan 29th 2013
I got my cast off last Thursday, but my metatarsal is not healing well, so it's another 4 weeks in a boot for me. :-( However I have been given the OK to go swimming! I have waited until today as I'm not allowed to drive yet and the children are in nursery, so I took the bus. Also my left foot and calf were so atrophied I was worried about walking on a slippery surface, and they have regained some strength in the last 5 days. Having been given a Poolmate pro watch for Christmas I finally got to use it today! I swam 1.5Km in 30 mins (only arms!) and it felt so good. Haven't managed to get the data to upload yet, which is a bit of a pain, but swimovate have been very helpful!
The last few weeks have certainly refocused my fitness goals, and I have concentrated on strength training, which I've actually enjoyed for once, so maybe I'll keep it up (usually something I'd avoid at all cost!)
I hope over the next month to build up time/distance in the pool, mostly working on arms obviously, and we'll work on speed later.
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