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Getting ready for Blenheim!

cedwardsby cedwardsMay 13th 2013
So swimming training has been going great. I had to have 2 weeks off in March because of a cold, and another 2 in April with another cold (the perils of having nursery aged children!) but I'm now back into the swing of things. I'm buzzing from my swim last night where I've managed (in 3 weeks!) to cut 25 seconds off my 400 m time trial (now 6 mins 9 sec) and 15 seconds off my 200 m time trial (now 2 mins 57 sec). My longest swim so far is 5 Km which I've done a few times now. Also did my first open water swim of the season with Nicetri club. The first few hundred meters were tough going (monsters, imagined giant fish, icy cold (actually not that bad at 13.5C), etc) but once I was focused on breathing right it was great! Basically I'm following this training plan ish.
Also I'm very excited as I've booked myself in for a 2 hour stroke analysis and correction clinic with a swim smooth coach this Wednesday and I can't wait! I haven't had any sort of coaching for years so it'll be really interesting to hear what they have to say. I guess my main concern is that I'm not training bad habits, especially now that my load is increasing as I prepare for my 10 km swim in August, and also that I'm not doing anything which would lead to injury.

Running is also going well, regularly running over 5 km now, with no pain in my foot, and even did my first intervals session since breaking my foot last week and it went well. Training lots of hills as I seem to remember Blenheim having lots of them. I'm not going for a pb, but would like to run the whole thing.

Cycling - I go to spinning once a week, and because of the hills my training mostly consists of pulling the bike trailer with my 2 girls off to different activities (when it's not raining!) other than that not much as I don't have time - I need to at least sit on my road bike once before Blenheim so I remember how the gears work! Again I'm not going for a pb here, just to get round.

So all in all I'm happy with my progress, and really really enjoying my swimming, and really enjoying running again! My aims for Blenheim (less than 4 weeks away now!) are to have a fantastic swim and get a pb (i.e. under 12 minutes), get round on the bike in under an hour, and run without walking (in hopefully half an hour)!
We shall see!
ClaireDby member: ClaireD, May 15th 2013 13:03
Thanx for your swim smooth tip - what a great site that it! Shall definitely be using that for guidance. As for Blenheim, I know I am racing on Saturday but not sure what time. Hoping that my race pack arrives this week for more information! Can't believe there's only 4 weeks to go!
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