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Got the love of swimming back!

cedwardsby cedwardsMar 16th 2013
Having been forced back to swimming after breaking my metatarsal in December has been such a positive thing! I'm now finally out of my cast and boot but my foot still feels weak and aches after I've been on my feet for a night shift...

I've been swimming about 3 times a week (although not at all this last week as I've had a terrible cold) and my times have been steadily improving. I started the month with an average 117sec/100m pace, and I'm now averaging 102sec/100m pace. It's really taken me back to my teenage years where my great passion was swimming and the reason I got into triathlon in the first place. I'm so excited about the 10 km race I'm doing in August now.

Something I'm not quite so excited about is Blenheim - just over 2 months away, and I haven't been for a run or bike since before 11th December! I'm starting to use the cross-trainer at the gym, just to get some of the right muscles working, but I'm really nervous about pounding the ground with my foot.... Planning to try my first run in a couple of weeks and see how my foot holds up.

Anyway, I'm hoping to shake this cold very soon, so I can get on with it all!
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