so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

30 weeks to go!

charlieeliseby charlieeliseFeb 28th 2012
This week is week 1 of The Plan. And so far, it has NOT gone to plan.

Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day (I'm doing Don Fink's 'Just Finish' iron fit training despite not doing an iron). But instead I went sprinting with the running club and cycled to and from work.

I also walked a lot this weekend and have been on holiday for a week so have been doing different things - Zumba for one, which I didn't love as much as I was expecting! This is sort of a relief as if I did love it I'd want to make time for it.

As a result my right hip flexor in particular was making itself known to me yesterday - which I think goes to show that these stupid exercises Vain Man has been making me do are working. So I will keep them up.

I've got some particular things to work on (RUN, Forest, RUN, and do try to stay on the bike for a bit longer than just to work and bike, thaaaanks) but as my base fitness is better than necessary for this part of the programme I'm going to keep up with it but not worry too much about it for this week. I know I can get the swimming covered for now with Phil in two classes a week, and so long as I can get some open water training in later on I think I will be ok.

I'm going to try to force myself out with the running group for as long as they will put up with me (so long as Phil doesn't complain too much, I was so tired this morning he was worried I was dying or something). And I'm going to give the Wattbike in the Hypoxic a good go for the bike portions during the week at least.

This weekend: planning on going to the Tri show and getting my pedalling technique looked at.

First event is the 'gym tri' which is a short 400m swim, 10km cycle and 5km run (what is it with these people, they totally bum the running, don't they? *rolls eyes*).

It happens 17 March, be good to have my sessions timed at this stage.

I'll let you know how the show is!
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