so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Bristol Harbourside Race Report - long overdue!

charlieeliseby charlieeliseAug 27th 2012
Bristol seems like a long time ago now. Two weeks before the race I came off my bike, which I did manage to write about. After that I did everything I could to heal quickly. My main failing was that I couldn't find any hydrocolloid dressings that weren't a centimetre square - I needed something much bigger! So I was stuck with old fashioned dressings - and I went through a lot of them.

I was advised to stay out of the pool, and this was easy at first as my road rash didn't like water (or sweat, but that's unavoidable) - hot or cold. I was also a bit concerned I still had dirt in it, but I had done the best I could with antiseptic wipes.

In the end I was out of the pool for almost two weeks. I managed to get in a session just before the tri in the pool, and had to rely on my stronger swimming that I would be ok on the day.

It's been impossible this summer to keep my arm out of the sun but it hasn't healed too badly. The scabs came away to reveal beautiful new skin, and the 'dirt' I thought I could see was just on the surface.

The day came too soon for me, but when would I feel totally ready? The swim was probably the worst I've had. Apart from it being a real rush to get there, there was no opportunity to warm up. I started near the front and was overtaken, and kicked in the face. I adjusted my goggle and swam on. There was not a lot of room, especially in the tighter corners but I managed to get clear water and swam on my own for most of the second half. I came out maybe a third, or a quarter of the way down the pack. My wetsuit is a little big - I plan to buy one at the end of the season when I am still 'in shape'.

I spent ages in transition, although I don't remember how. I ran in, struggled with the wetsuit a bit, put on glasses, gloves, helmet, shoes, and ran through the rather muddy transition area to the bike mount line. I was worried about the course with the U-turn at the end and some other corners. There was also a headwind which was blowing across the Portway getting stronger each lap! I felt quite dizzy as I first got on the bike. At the beginning I thought there was something wrong with my bike, but I think it was me, leaning to the side. Before you ask, I do wear earplugs on the swim. I managed to hang on and even eat on the bike. I did get overtaken, but mostly by carbon bikers and a few of the GB age groupers.

The course felt very long. I had got used to the sprint distance, but as this was my first Olympic I suspect that's a normal reaction!

I managed not to hang about too much in T2, although there is definitely room for improvement. Not running straight past my box would be a start...

The run I did not enjoy. It was not completely flat, it was muddy and I was overtaken a lot. I hurried along as best I could though and put in a good time, for me.

Overall I was just over 3 hours. The same pace as I have done during sprints, which I guess is a good thing!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Aug 28th 2012 08:21
My first olympic/standard distance tri (Bath) did feel an awful long way! It took me just over three hours as well and afterwards I had to lay on my sofa all afternoon with the curtains closed, so knackered!

Sounds like it wasn't your favourite race this year, sometimes races go like that, I'm sure the build up after your crash didn't help and the next one will be more fun!
charlieeliseby blog author: charlieelise, Aug 28th 2012 10:06
Hi Sarah thanks for stopping by! Yeah, it felt a bit rushed to be honest, too much going wrong at once! London is going to be a slog as well I fear...
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