so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Coming up this season - the events I'm doing

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMay 9th 2012
Entering events always makes everything seem a lot more real. As we are rapidly hurtling towards the main season now I knew I had to get my act together and enter the warm up events I'm planning on before the main deal - London 2012. 

Okay, so I'm not in the Olympic squad. But I am doing the Olympic plus distance at London Triathlon 2012 - an Olympic distance swim and run with a half iron bike thrown in, seemingly randomly.

That's not until September so I need to do some events in between. I'd already decided to return to Bristol for my Olympic debut (wow that is a steep entry fee) but because it's BaDTri, I'm willing to pay the price. That's July sorted - I hope it will go well. 

Before that I've got a few other things to get under my belt - open water swimming chief amongst them. So I found a great little tri to do next month in Essex. Most convenient for me as I'm East anyway, so the Lakeside shoppers will, next month, be treated to me swimming, cycling and running all over their centre. Almost as importantly, I will be swimming there this weekend on a training day which I hope will set me on the right road when it comes to open water. My wetsuit will have it's first outing! I'm very excited about this - I just hope I like it. If I do I may see if I can enter the Great London Swim and try that out for size - its happening in a couple of weeks. 

So that just leaves August clear. I think during August I'll be ramping up my cycling ready for the 90km so maybe I will join some rides -or the cycle club I've been meaning to join all this time! 

What events have you entered this season?
Bishmanby member: Bishman, May 9th 2012 12:01
I'm also doing the Lakeside Tri, and it'll be my first ever triathlon. I grew up in Southend so I have loads of memories there - it will be good to actually jump in the lake as my friends and I always dared each other to do! Reem.

It seems like we're in a similar positon - I'll also be trying open water swimming for the first time over the next few weeks (giving my wetsuit it's first outing) and I'm entered into the Bristol harbourside - maybe we could train together. Let me know if you're interested! Josh
charlieeliseby blog author: charlieelise, May 9th 2012 13:00
Amazing, I need someone to open water train with! Well, maybe just train generally! I'll try to find you on the forums or somewhere but I am most easily reached on Twitter if you tweet - @charlie_elise is my name.
Bishmanby member: Bishman, May 10th 2012 10:03
Great - I'm @SeaSeaCider, see you on twitter!
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