so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Core blimey, bike brake woes and it gets serious...

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMay 25th 2011
Last night's core blast went well. Legs feel like they had a good sprint on the treadmill - I ran for an extra 7 minutes and thank god, my hamstring has stopped hurting (new trainers, I thank you). I varied the speed and incline, and put my current motivational music (it's all Gaga, try not to judge me) on to do the extra. I know I won't have music on the day but I hope the atmosphere will carry me along.

I then did some arm weights and the core work. Planks and ab cradle - may stop using it actually, I'm not sure about it - first to get me into it. I concentrated on my sides - on the right side particularly. I remember well the first time I did a plank... Well actually, I didn't. I could barely get into the position, let alone hold it. How far I have come. On the traditional planks I am much stronger, but I will keep on with them anyway. I'm pleased I can hold a good position, I see women in the gym with the hips all over the place when they have a go at the plank. Bums up in the air... but they look like they are working hard anyway so I guess that's all good.

I feel like running is my weaker spot but I'm trying to battle it with positive thinking. I discovered today that I have vastly misunderstood the training guides. I thought when they said I should be doing longer distances, that they meant 'in one session'. I've been worrying that I'm not up to a 10-15k run yet, as I thought this was what I should be aiming for. Apparently that's per week, which I have been hitting, and the cycle I have been doing the distance easily. As for the swim, I am definitely up to that.

I have also bought a book. Ooh, it's getting serious now huh? I've bought Be Iron Fit by Don Fink. It had good reviews and although I'm not planning on becoming an Iron Woman, I feel that the tips will still be useful for me.

In fact, although I was trying to convince everyone this is a one-off, I am beginning to feel like I might do another one sometime...

The weather is ok today but looks horrid tomorrow so I'm thinking about switching my sessions and not swimming tonight and doing my brick training tonight instead. I think it's sensible, I will do some brick training on Sunday too and it's probably good to space them out. I am also waiting for a kickboard and pullbouy to arrive as I think these will not only help with my technique but my core - some good drills which work the right side will help I'm sure. And swimming is still my favourite although I am totally loving the bike!

James at work said he can help Hecate too, her back brake is rubbing and being new to all this stuff I can see what's going on but have no idea what to do about it. I've narrowed it down to not being the calibration and not being a bent wheel, but the brake itself which seems to be catching - so I'll start off fine but then once I've used to brake it'll start rubbing. Then again I could equally be very wrong.

There's so much to think about.

Anyway I've got to pop up to MOTI - I hear my badTri card is in...
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