so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Freaking out: Blisters, travel and new trainers

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMay 24th 2011
8 weeks, 4 days until my first Tri.

I'm beginning to freak out again.

I'm going up and down in how I feel about it... mostly I feel like I haven't got enough training in. Two months ago I truly was a case of, I like swimming, but can't cycle and run... why? But I've made such progress with the bike, I've been beginning to feel more confident, and I love my little Specialized road 'cycle to work scheme special'...

Talking of work, I've just got back from a conference and long weekend in Amsterdam. I am notoriously bad at doing any training when away on work trips - you tend to start early and finish very late with very little free/spare time but I got up really early (I should also mention, I'm an 'after work' training kind of person, early starts are not my favourite) and went for a run in Vondelpark, which was good, bad and ugly.

The good: I went running! It was drizzly too which despite my race being in July, is good training for me. I often wuss out of runs if the weather is remotely bad but I went for it this time. I also didn't get too lost. I have no sense of direction so that's a bonus. I also did some core training in the hotel room.

The bad: I don't know if sand (the paths and terrain there is quite sandy) got into my shoe or whether it's a natural part of the new shoes breaking in but I got a bad blister on my left heel. It's my smaller foot so the 'breaking in theory' makes sense.

I am going to race sockless and do both the cycle and run in my trainers as I haven't progressed to clipless biking, so I'm hoping to have a quick transition. In the meantime, Compeed is my friend. It's healing up nicely and I'm hoping my feet are toughening up to the shoes. I ran back to the hotel despite the blister (actually walking on it was worse!). The shoes are now bloodstained: a testament to my dedication?! I sure know I can't take them back now...

The ugly: woman with Madonna-vein arms skipping around the park. No rope, skipping, Michael Macintyre style. Very funny, not ugly at all actually. I say the arms were veiny but I'd probably kill to look so ripped! I was also overtaken by a lot of people. But, I know I'm not a natural runner, it's about pacing myself to last the 5km and finish the Tri.

I'm trying to be more positive about that - I'm told thinking I'm a bad runner will make me one. So far that seems to be the case. So did you know, I'm a seriously good runner? I am an athlete. I am a great runner. I am, I am...

When I bought my shoes, by the way, I had a video gait analysis and they pointed out I'm actually technically very straight, on one side at least, and even with the weak right side on my core which causes my right hip to drop, no major problems.

Low arches, very straight and strong on the left side. Weak on the right. Cue core training being back on the agenda, as well as the dreaded planks, especially on the right side. Pilates, bananas... it's all coming out now... this evening in particular.

I'm being sponsored for my first Tri to raise money for a particularly great charity, Against Malaria. Please check them out
Freaking out: Blisters, travel and new trainers
I LOVE my bike. She's called Hecate.
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