so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Friday quickie: My 2012 goals, news so far and is this plan a crazy idea?

charlieeliseby charlieeliseJan 20th 2012
Work is crazy but I'm getting up early to train. Really good to be back in regular training but rain and long dark hours, plus living in London now is making what I call 'real cycling' a challenge, and I'll find any excuse I can not to run.

I've been doing spin classes twice a week before work and commuting to work by bike (12 miles a day, but it's hardly a free ride). I try to do a run and a cycle at the weekend, and I do a gym session on a Monday which always involves running. I go to swim classes twice a week too before work. I am clearly fitter, and lighter by 2kg so far.

However I can't hide in the gym forever! These are my plans for 2012:

I'm thinking of doing a Sprint early in the season - May events near London, anyone? Then I'm planning on tackling Bristol Harbourside (Olympic distance) after marshalling last year. That's July sorted. But Septmeber is my big one. I've foolishly signed up for London Triathlon, for spina bifida charity Shine. Which distance? Well, I could have done Olympic. But they have this Olympic plus thing, which is 1500m swim, 90km cycle and 10km run. (I seem to be incapable of picking a shorter distance than the top one in any event... that can't continue forever!)

Having read Be Iron Fit, I think I've decided to do the 'just finish' programme to do my biggest event this year, which is not an Iron (the bike is almost half Iron though, does that excuse me?). I figured it would be a good programme to follow anyway since I would like to do a full one day (Erm, hold on Charlie, let's see how 2012 goes first shall we...)

I was thinking I should incorporate more speed work, but other than that adjustment, is it actually wrong to do an Iron plan for a shorter distance? The plan does include doing an Olympic and a half Iron as warm up events, so I hope it'll be ok. It's a 30 week plan so I don't officially start until next month. In the meantime I'm trying to get fitness up, weight down and brain in gear.

Questions: Is doing an Iron training plan bad when doing shorter distances ?

Should I join a cycle club to start 'real cycling' (that's a yes, right?) Am thinking Lea Valley - I'm in East London and a total beginner cyclist, mind. Still scared of the clipless shoes.

Is spinning going to help? I think I'm faster on the actual bike because of it and I really enjoy it, but when I start The Plan do I abandon all spin or try to squeeze it in?

In other news I AM doing a couple of core bits and pieces, about 3 x a week. Also my swimming must be getting better, I'm almost ready to move up to the fast lane with the big boys and Ironman.
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