so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Goal setting and I worry about the run

charlieeliseby charlieeliseJun 18th 2011
The next discipline under the spotlight of worry is the run. I am so embarrassed about my slow run. Recently though I¬'ve been talking to some guys at work who run and it turns out, they run at about the same pace as me. So, maybe I¬'m not that slow after all.

That doesn¬'t mean I¬'ll be happy with it. My plan at the moment is to do a controlled, efficient swim, then do the bike as fast as I safely can, then go for it on the run. I think I¬'m quite good at pacing - I don¬'t sprint and then slow - so I can probably push myself harder on the day and if I stumble over the line and collapse with exhaustion, fine.

My brick training was 20km bike plus 2.5km run. I could have run further but didn¬'t want to push it. And my knee was an open wound at the time. So the whole ¬'I just want to finish¬' thing, is a bit redundant. I¬'m now confident I¬'m fit enough to finish - and in no way am I going to hide the fact that I think this is a massive achievement for me. I have looked up the results from last time and I have found a candidate who is the same age as I am now. I plan to beat her time from last year. I think my times may be slightly different, but overall I hope to beat her.

P.S. She came 3rd in her age group and all the other people before her were older than her. It's not an easy challenge...
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