so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Lucky Crash

charlieeliseby charlieeliseJul 2nd 2012
Yesterday I crashed. My worst so far.

I was doing 46kmph downhill in Richmond Park.

I've done this hill numerous times before. I'm always cautious. I checked my brakes. But as I turned the corner, a car was way over the double white lines (that means no overtaking, by the way). It was overtaking a cyclist on the other side. I saw the driver. Looking at the cyclist on his left.

He never saw me, because I swerved to avoid his silver car which was in my path. But then I lost control and came off, sliding along the sharp tarmac in my shorts and beautiful starry jersey...

He didn't see me and he didn't stop.

And I was annoyed with myself. I shouldn't have lost control. I should have remained calm. Shoulda, woulda... all that nonsense.

It's been 24 hours now and I'm hurting. The road rash on my arms and leg is... extensive. The bruising is only just beginning to come out. I have lumps I didn't have before.

But I realise now I was lucky.

As I fell my handlebars slipped and I landed on my thigh and elbow. Not my delicate hand, which would have been crushed.

I broke no bones. My thin, pale skin is grazed and burned but it is not split and torn.

I landed last on my head. Which was protected by a well fitting, well made helmet.

There was no traffic behind me. A lady stopped to help me up. She picked up my tyre levers from the road.

I rode home. My bike survived with only a slightly wonky handlebar which I straightened out myself.

I live to ride another day.

And I rode today.

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Hartybeastby member: Hartybeast, Jul 2nd 2012 18:31
As they say like falling off a bike. Know the hill having worked hard to get there you really enjoy the down hill speed, I get really annoyed with divers who driver at 20mph and you have to stay behind them on the brakes all the time.
I've found that drivers are often too busy looking to the deer rather than anything else, which are very nice and occasionally need avoiding - they have no road sense.
Will keep an eye out for you in the park.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jul 2nd 2012 21:31
Oooh noooo! Good for you for getting right back out there, I'm sure your instincts served you right and prevented a worse fall but that road rash does sound painful!
NotANinjaby member: NotANinja, Jul 3rd 2012 10:14
Glad you're ok, well done for getting back on the bike again so quickly.
LondonHamby member: LondonHam, Aug 7th 2012 12:43
Hi, arrived here via a link to your post about the Aldgate lorry - quite shocking. If that's your usual route, we ride the same roads at the same time, I'm the bloke on the white On One or Black Marin, white Kask, often YACF shirts.

Anyway, reason I registered here to comment is to suggest to you to change your bars!! I just had a bar failure (several months after the bars got hit when I had an off on some diesel - the only reason I can think of for the failure) you REALLY don't want that to happen. Aluminum fails suddenly, completely and without warning.

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