so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Post crash week training

charlieeliseby charlieeliseJul 8th 2012
I am racing next weekend. After the crash I was sure I'd race but earlier in the week after the reality of my road race and bruising set in, I seriously wondered if I would be fit.

Monday I searched everywhere for Duoderm hydrocolloid dressings. All I could find were tiny plasters. I showed the pharmacist my elbow. He winced and agreed that they were not suitable.

So armed with Savlon, dressings, lint and micropore, I got through the morning with the help of ibuprofen. But everything hurt. I had been convinced I could swim the next day but it became apparent that if I did I would heal more slowly, so I decided to wait for my next session. I went to another chemist which has a strong focus on alternative therapy. I got the arnica cream and tablets my mum insisted I should have plus some tablets for shock which the resident homeopath felt I was in. I may have been but more than anything I was in a world of pain!

Meanwhile I have not stopped cycling to work. I felt nervous actually and nearly had a couple of crashes on the wet roads but as the week progressed my confidence returned. As did the strength in my left arm.

Several of the sores were weeping until Friday, but rapid healing has taken over since then. I'm finally dressing-free, although my hip is still hurting where bruising is stIll coming out. Beautiful new dermis is appearing everywhere and although I have been missing swimming dreadfully, the rest of my training has gone well and I will be giving Bristol a go next week.

Some people told me I'd need two days off and although I didn't believe them, that's actually what happened. I could cycle so I set up the turbo trainer, but running evaded me until Wednesday when I did a shortish brick session which went well, I assume because of the enforced rest!

I've found training quite dull this week. Without the swimming, I feel restricted. Shall I run today, or cycle, or run and cycle? Funny how you get used to juggling three - but I've always maintained I like the variety and the way the sports complement each other, and this is proof.

The rest of the training has gone well apart from today's rain which I wussed out on going out to the park in. The last thing I need is a slippery road to crash on a week out. So I did a mega long turbo session to the Tour coverage. Meanwhile the rain belted down outside..

Yesterday the GPS on my phone went crazy and thought I was running super fast. I doubt I was although I have a new running technique I am using which I think made me faster. Either that or I respond well to a 40 minute cycle beforehand. I think I did about 10km although my phone thinks I did 15km. Either way I felt very strong and good which is unusual for me so I'm feeling good.

I've been out of the pool for over a week and although I miss it because I love it, I'm confident I can make the distance. As my new dermis is now breaking through the scabs now I am hoping I can swim on Tuesday and Thursday this week to give myself chance to get back into it in time.

So wish me luck - I'm hoping to make it round come next weekend!
TriBlogsby member: TriBlogs, Jul 31st 2012 13:52
Hope it went well Charlie and that you have now healed up nicely!
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