so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Racing on Saturday

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMar 14th 2012
I was having a rest day last week (well, no training, I still commute to work). As I was pedalling home I started getting what felt like cramp in my right calf. So annoying. Extremely as it turned out - it went on all weekend whenever I stretched or moved it in the 'wrong' direction.

Managed to run a short one on Sunday and it was fine when warm, but painful and crampy all the rest of the time. I also survived sprints on Monday. I rolled and rolled it. Harriet told me to ice it and showed me some exercises for my other niggles. Currently right hamstring, right hip flexor and left inside of ankle (hypermobile-related I fear). She also said I should go get my shoes checked, so that's Thursday evening sorted!

I slept in knee high socks (err, compression? sort of) and got up the next day - I could not believe the difference. Miles better. Swam on Tuesday. No crazy wall-pushing, so ok. This morning I did a practice bike on the Wattbike in preparation for Sunday, and it started hurting a bit again. I foam rolled again at the gym before and after, but I think this is a cycling thing. I push off on my right leg you see. So right now it's sore but not crampy like it was. I'm considering icing it again too.

We shall see what tomorrow brings. I've decided to go swimming tomorrow and then rest. No cycling or anything on Friday, although I think I may commute tomorrow. See how the legs feel.

The winner in December did her bike leg in 16.36 (10km). This morning before breakfast, after commuting 10km, and feeling pretty sore still from Monday I did it in 18.10. In the hypoxic. Followed by a 1km run as I was out of time, but I think I will survive - but I won't beat the run. I may however beat the cycle...
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