so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Swimming, rest day plus Bath and back

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMay 29th 2011
Thursday was swim training. At Horfied again - I swum to the music on at Aqua Fit, which was hilairious. It's hard though as there's a lot of people there who have little idea about lanes and how they work. So far at Horfield I've identified two types of swimmers:

1. Too polite for their own good: These people aren't annoying as such, but I met an Italian guy who was way faster than me but wouldn't overtake. He was swimming intervals so it took me a little while to realise. I had to ask him to go past. Bless.

2. The deluded: These people do not know how fast they are. No, they think they are way faster than they are. And they will not get out of the way. After swimming with a masters for years I find that really frustrating. I'm sorry to bitch. It's off my chest now.

Friday was a rest day. It often is, I find it hard to motivate myself these days to work out on a Friday. There's often social things on and on Friday there was a rockabilly night I wanted to go to. It's been very busy at work so I decided not to try to cram something in but take a day off. Everyone keeps warning me not to over-train anyway... as if that's likely!

Saturday has always been a rest day for me, until now! The triathlon won't let me. So yesterday I cycled to Bath and back. Did make a stop in Bath for a soya cappucino and a sugar-free flapjack though.

Today however, I had planned on a run and core moves this morning then swimming this evening but the 52km yesterday has taken its toll on my legs and they do not feel up to it all.

So I'm dropping the run but I do need to do one tomorrow. I feel like I definitely do not do enough running. Earlier in my training I did quite a bit as I felt so weak at it but now it seems to slip off the radar. I'm trying to remember that my core training will help it and I don't need to do massive long runs to make the 5km - intervals and gym training will help too.

Iron Fit is informing my training already. I need to remember I'm not doing an Iron! But I think I do need to put my training plans together better. I've mostly planned my training so far around what's possible, what fits in and what I feel like. However I really should craft them and place my rest days more strategically so I recover effectively and train better as a result. Apparently I'm in the key phase of training now and will only need a very short 1 week-ish taper before the race so it's not too late. Tomorrow I hope to build a two week schedule and see how that goes.

I'm also considering monitoring my heart rate more. However all the ones I've seen seem quite pricey so it may have to wait.

I've also been a bit worried about my lack of swim/bike bricks, but Andy on the badTri forums has come to my rescue, suggesting I join in the club session on Tuesday evening and saing I can borrow a turbo to set up my bike on the side. Hooray! I might look a bit silly but I'll feel a lot better if I think I know what I'm doing. My confidence has gone up massively since I started dong the bike/run bricks.

So nothing exciting to report but I'll be back to update shortly...

P.S. Hecate is fixed! James turned a tiny screw and the brake no longer rubs. Win...
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