so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

The Triathlon Show Sandown Park

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMar 5th 2012
I only found out about the Triathlon Show last week when I signed up to Triathlon Wales and saw that Triathlon England members got a special deal on it. It didn't change my alliegence to my home nation despite living in London now but I signed up anyway. I mean, Chrissie Wellington was going to be there! And on Thursday Speedo announced Helen Jenkins would be making an appearance. I was sold already although I did fear for my credit card and bank balance...

Chrissie was on at 10am and the show was an hour away so it was an early start for me on a Saturday! I know I should get up at 6am everyday but I really am not there yet. (Surely during the week is enough?)

A suspension of the tube (while I was on it) put paid to my planned early arrival but I was still there nice and early to see a bit of Chrissie and get round all the stalls and supplies I was hoping for. I stocked up on Nunn tabs, which I find really useful post workout for hydration.

I also wanted a few more Clif products: Luna bars and their powdered electrolyte drink. I already bought a box of their gels and bloks at quite a discount from which is like a Groupon for sport: if you want to try it out please use my code (charlie_elise) so they know I'm spreading the word. You also get discounts for bringing othes in so I'm not being totally unselfish here!

Watched a bit of the swimming in the endless pools and wondered if I could fit one in the flat... No, and of course you couldn't afford one. Besides I think I'd miss the lengths and turning etc. Good for coaching, I'm sure.

So I ambled around the stands, booked a Wattbike session to see how awful my technique was, and casually looked at wetsuits. There are a lot of companies making tri wetsuits now. And there were some very attractive ones with blue and purple sleeving, but starting at £175 I was not interested. Speedo are doing some very attractive tri suits too but they are also out of my price range. I was going to buy a new one this year but as I am still officially a member of badTRI and the suit is still good I'm going to carry on wearing it until I am caught and apprehended!

I'd decided, anyway, to rent a wetsuit. Why bother buying one when I might not like it and so on, and it's cheaper. I was expecting to rent a basic Foor for £50 plus deposit. But I went up to a stand and had a look at some pretty flashy aquasphere suits. Last season so they were going cheap. I checked out the size guide on one labelled at £75 and realised it was a child's suit. Disappointing. But according to the label I was the right height and weight range for an age 14.

Meanwhile, I'd been spotted by the salesman eager to get last year's teenage stock off his hands. He suggested I try it on and after a bit of a wrestle I was in. Winner! It fits well I think. Didn't feel too loose or too restrictive. I pretended to be disappointed that it had the ironman symbol on it, but obviously I secretly love it, and I love the green 'rage' lettering too!
The Triathlon Show Sandown Park
Needless to say I bought it. I would likely have spent more on hiring once I'd posted the darn thing back anyway and this time I've either got a suit which will last one season or if I'm lucky and careful, a few seasons without spending any more. I think I was really lucky. I'm so short I can often wear kids clothing, and apparently the teenage wetsuits are the same quality. The vendor was lucky too that a 5ft girl came along looking for a last season bargain. So all I need to do now is find a place to try it out in (and practice putting it on and taking it off!)

Overall I was pretty restrained. There's so many things you can accessorise with - fuel belts, gel belts, various pockets to stick to parts of your body, different kit, cushioned trainers, race flats, barefoot shoes, tri bars, a million different nutrition ideas, tablets and drinks... not to mention bikes and gadgets. Mercifully there were few bikes there, because a bargain TT bike would definitely turn my head... Wiggle thought they'd tempt me with a 2011 Giant later on, it's funny how you feel it must be fate if they only have one in stock and you know it's your size!

I think I'm just about set up for the season now though, and with the big wetsuit purchase out of the way London's open water swimmers should probably start locking up their lakes... Because I fear I will enjoy it!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Mar 7th 2012 16:21
Love it! That is totally how my thought process (re the wetsuit purchase) would have gone too (plus I would have added and that this sensible because I can use it for next season too).
charlieeliseby blog author: charlieelise, Mar 10th 2012 18:22
I have since found them on eBay for about the same price, but you can't beat trying on before you buy... Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I'm chuffed!
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