so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Training: 26 weeks to go - feeling flat

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMar 25th 2012
Saturday's mini tri of last week went ok. The stuff I was expecting to play up - the calf for example - did not make a guest appearance but guess what, the stitch I got last year did. This is clearly something that is going to happen unless I change my nutrition plan. I've been researching it and I think I need to drink more for starters and maybe switch to non - solids on race day and see if that makes a difference. 

Anyway: the day itself. I was surprisingly nervous. It's only a gym thing, no big deal, but still. Nerves.

Got to the gym in time to see my brilliant colleague, Janna, dying to get off the treadmill after suffering again with shin splints. However she did finish, unlike Eva, who aggrevated an old foot injury and pulled out. She was supposed to be running a half marathon this weekend. I wonder if she managed it and how she got on. She wasn't in sprint class on Monday so I am a bit worried for her.

Her swim was amazing though: 7.09. I did 7.35 last year and I have been working on technique so I hoped to do a little better. I warmed up and got into the rythum before the start. In the pool at the same time was a guy who had had approximately 2 hours sleep. He set off like a rocket and I thought it was odd. After two lengths he was doing breast stroke! It was funny but as I lapped him I stupidly I lost count but it was ok, Phil was counting and I did two extra lengths. Fortunately he stopped the clock: my time was 7.01! I was very pleased.

The cycle was ok too, I was more tired than I'd hoped but I did better than before: 17.42. I felt pretty tired and was not looking forward to the run.

Got on the treadmill. Started running and my calves both felt tight. I bore in mind what Ironman said the week before - go with what you have got, trust your body to be efficient - and I felt good. I whacked up the speed and the stitch kicked in. I needed to speed up though. I slowed down and Harriet asked me what was wrong. She advised me to dig my fingers into the stitch and breathe through it.

It helped momentarily but there's nothing else to be done but grit your teeth and think of something else. After I slowed to a walk and and managed to pick it up again towards the end, I was again over half an hour. By only 57 seconds this time, but still. Balls. 

So I have work to do. Once I'd got over my disappointment I realised I've already improved by 10% (and more on the swim) since last year - and I haven't been training as long this time, after my Autumn absence. And my swim was really good. I think I had the second faster swim of the day for the girls - and beat almost all the boys. 

After the event I've been feeling a bit flat. I went to sprint on Monday and felt really tired. My legs just wouldn't sprint. I could move, but I couldn't push it at all. On Tuesday morning I set off and got a flat tyre. At the same time I realised I hadn't washed my bike or even lubed my chain in way too long. 

Feeling guilty I gave up on the swim and stayed at home to do bike maintenance. I had a programme reset at the gym on Wednesday. I was hoping to also get in a decent session but just felt really depressed afterwards after hearing how much I still need to do. 

My hypermobile joints are problematic in some ways as they do things you don't expect, like move sideways (right knee) or rotate too far (legs and arms) or mean I over stretch (shoulders and back). Or they are just wobbly and too mobile - ankles. I'm not complaining through because it's no one's fault; it's genetic, and there's nothing I can do about it. I have to work around it. 

So I tried to do something afterwards but I just wasn't feeling it. And I broke my headphones to boot, so I just did a warm up, plus some stretching and rolling, had a steam and went home. It was a write off. But I resolved to come back on Thursday. 

Thursday dawned and I arrived at the pool: no Phil. I warmed up. No Phil. Ironman showed up and put the rest of the pool to shame. No Phil. I was gutted as I really felt I needed some structure rather than doing it on my own. In any case I did some intervals, some drills and a longer distance which was a good mix. 

Feeling the need to get some familiarity and structure to my week, I thought I'd have a treat and do Rock n' Ride on Friday morning. How many people do you know who book into a spin class for a fun treat on a Friday morning? I got there just in time to see a woman with a headset on. 

My heart sank. No rock music today. No inspiring, tattooed Jez. No singing along and certainly no towel swinging! I felt really sorry for the girl. She was enthusiastic and really tried to connect with us. I tried but I couldn't really get into it. Afterwards my HRM said I'd had a good workout though so that was ok. I think the instructor was pleased with the class but I felt awful for her - we were such a tough crowd. 

Anyway today I managed to go out and do some running intervals up a tough hill I had been meaning to tackle for some time. Feeling stiff now so I must have worked hard! 

Another busy week ahead but I hope I'll be able to get into it and train hard again. I think I didn't think about the week ahead last week when I should have looked at the plan and worked out where I would fit it in. That'll learn me...
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