so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Training update: 25 weeks to go

charlieeliseby charlieeliseApr 1st 2012
After the flatness of the week before it was an absolute joy to feel good again training. Last week when I blogged I'd just done an interval hill training session in the sun and was feeling better for it.

The week continued in this vein. Monday was rest day as I was traveling delivering presentations. But Tuesday saw me back in the pool and it was a really quite hard session. Phil grinned and said: 'Yes, I was a bit evil!'

But it was good - I have to push myself even if I'm confident in the water. I still have yet to take my first freshwater outside dippage in the wetsuit - but I'm really looking forward to it.

Wednesday I was debating over doing Laura's intensive, psychological spin class or working on my strength and running. Running won and I did some hypoxic treadmill work and a lot of my prescribed exercises. I felt I worked hard, so it felt good.
Thursday was drills in the pool as usual. Phil says I'm still twisting my crazy hypermobile arms around when I get tired, which is perhaps to be expected. However we did plenty of drill and a lot of sprinting. He also claims I'm a better swimmer now, and he's taking all the credit for my 30 seconds improvement over 400m.

Friday I decided to treat myself to an early morning rockn'ride spin class and this time I got what I wanted and worked really hard too. I maxed out the resistance on the bike!

Saturday was a half hour heart rate two run like my training plan said. I'm being really quite naughty and not following it - I'm doing all the training above and commuting by bike up to 60 miles a week.

So an upbeat week. But I do have a small confession. I'm just not getting on with my SPD SL pedals. In fact, I'm phobic of them now. I hate my shoes. I know they mean falling off. I've tried manning up. I've tried banning myself from my bike without them. But it's not worked. I just fall off all the time and now I'm afraid of them. So, change of plan. I'm switching to SPDs and getting a coach to help with general cycling and particularly my fear of being clipped in.

Is it expensive? Yes, of course: in the way that it costs money which I could spend on something else if I could just have better balance or whatever it is that's preventing me getting the hang of them. But I really want to be a better cyclist - and in time for September. He reckons I'll be back on SPD SL way before then. If he's right I think it'll be worth it, but although I have tried to be as clear as possible about my fear of the clipless, I am a bit concerned he underestimates it. I'm too embarrassed to join a cycling club until I get over this, and I really want to join one. Plus, I need to start riding longer if I'm going to survive 90km.

But I've come a long way. Once I was too embarrassed to run with other people. Now I know I'm the slowest, so I work harder. I've had lots of swimming coaching and running coaching, so about time I got on it with the bike really.

My next steps:
Cycle coaching
Get clipped in
Start open water swimming
Increase length and distance of runs
This is stuff I can do over the next month. I have longer-term goals as well like join a cycle club, increase cycling distance, etc, but they are dependent on me reaching these first.

I might have come a long way but I have a long way to go yet... Hope you don't mind sticking with me for the journey!

Also, is looking amazing! Good work!
TriBlogsby member: TriBlogs, Apr 2nd 2012 17:23
Glad that you like the new homepage and that your training is going well!
by guest: , May 31st 2012 22:30
I use spds . If youare nervous,loosen thesprings so you can unclip easilly
When ever you get near a junction unclip way way ahead
Practice unclipping. - on a trainer, leaning againstwall etcetc

Oh and everyone falls offwhen theyfirst start using them - EVERYONE!!

Seeyou at Wales
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