so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Training update: 28 weeks to go

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMar 10th 2012
This week has not been too bad thus far, although I was feeling seriously tired by Wednesday...
Summoned up the courage to go back to sprinting. I think they are being easy on me but I'm going to let them. I admit though that this is currently my long run (which would normally happen at the weekends). I hope to build up to that, and according to the Don Fink programme, I will!
I am not really following the plan closely, but I'm getting everything done, plus some mostly. So Monday was  running club, sprints again. I ate plenty during the day and drank lots of Nunn-flavoured water.  I felt absolutely exhausted last Tuesday and I know I didn't eat enough or drink enough so was determined I would not let this happen again. I even ate two bananas over the day and I rarely do that! So I had a Luna bar before as well and kind of regretted it as I should have eaten it  earlier,  could still feel it going down when I started. The first sprint I didn't really realise what was going on and I pretty much jogged it. Then I got into it. We did three sets around the figure of eight course and actually by the end I think I was beginning to get it. Afterwards I ate my second banana and chatted to the tall, slim, extremely fast girl who was there the week before. She was encouraging me to go on Thursday nights too but I will work up to that!
Didn't feel too bad on Tuesday. I had vegan shepherd's pie after running, made with sweet potato mash and soya mince which kept me going through the swim session next day although I did find the session hard. Wednesday and Thursday I have been feeling tired in the afternoons. On Wednesday morning I did two sets of bricks using the watt bike  and treadmill in the hypoxic. Not too bad you might think but I was knackered! I also did some of my other exercises - I try to do some of these everyday I'm in the gym. I really want a foam roller of my own though to roll around on at home.

Thursday's swim was not too bad but I'm having some goggle issues. I go through phases on my goggles, I'll go off a pair and then use another pair, go off them and switch back, so I have a mask and a pair of goggles I admittedly won from a competition on a brand's Facebook page. Phial says I need different ones for the season. He claims that the mask will not do over longer distances. I love the visibility it gives me but he's right,I pull some good faces when I swim and sometimes that breaks the seal. 

Friday was a wipe out after another late night and wine with a friend who has recently moved down to London. I am well aware I can't do this much more or much longer without making a serious dent in training. Also my right calf started cramping on the cycle home, which was really uncomfortable. I do think my body is tired from training but dehydrating it was silly.

More visitors on Friday and Saturday but no drinking, despite another Welsh win in the 6 Nations. Sunday is slow run day focusing on striking and my drills and I'm meeting up with an old colleague who has recently been disappointed by having to pull out of the Paris marathon. But I just know she's going to try to convince me that her new thing, Pilates, is the thing I should be doing. She's probably right, but although I do utilise some Pilates inspired moves for my core work, I just don't have the time to dedicate to it! And I hate that generally you don't sweat during it... Feels wrong!
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