so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Training update 4 March -29 weeks to go

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMar 4th 2012
It's the end of the week and I'm feeling apprehensive. February has turned to March and I know I've got a lot on my hands here.

I got back from holiday last weekend and basically lived out the rest of the weekend like I was still on holiday. Went to a pub in Twickenham to watch the rugby - great to watch Wales win so nearby, then headed to the stadium to watch Wales' women get completed smashed by world champs, England. However great to be there, I'm a big supporter of women's rugby, although this was my first time watching it live.

While on holiday though I did three runs, a Zumba class, a stretch class and some tree climbing type stuff plus a lot of walking. I did a lot of walking on the Sunday too but my tight hip flexors made it really uncomfortable: I wasn't aware I had tight hip flexors until I saw Vain Man but I am coming round to the idea that he was right.

Monday I had promised I would go to a sprinting class. Now I know I badly need to work on it but I am seriously intimidated and I have never ever run in a group for fear of being laughed off the class. However, everyone was really nice. Apparently we did an easy session but I ached until Thursday. On Tuesday I was absolutely awful in the pool. Phil asked me what was wrong. I couldn't go fast, or last the distance - he was not impressed. I did improve once warm but it was hard work.

Although I know it was down to sprinting I think it was also because I had let myself get dehydrated before Monday's class, I hadn't eaten enough and after the late session I only had some soup and bread before bed. I am psyching myself up to go again and will be better prepared this time.

After a bit of a sad swim, I went to Phantom of the Opera on Tuesday evening which was awesome! On Wednesday morning I decided to do some work on my pedalling technique as I was in a lot of pain from Monday (didn't warm up properly either, or do my mobilisations).

I used the Wattbike in the hypoxia chamber and once I'd figured it out thought it was quite good. I am taking the base training as an opportunity to improve my technique and Wattbike has an awesome graph which gives an idea of how efficiently you are pedalling. I did miss my usual spin class though, so I booked in for Rock'n ride on Friday.

Thursday I was supposed to be swimming again, but Wednesday night I went up to Tring to see the legendary Rhod Gilbert play. The perfect St David's Day eve, he was doing a sort of try-out gig on a small audience. It was supposed to happen a few weeks ago but was postponed, hence why it's been such a busy week! I don't usually go to the theatre two nights a week, honest...

Rhod did his stand up for well over two hours so by the time I flopped into bed it was 1.30am. I knew that 6am wake up was not going to happen so I cancelled my Thursday swim class. I didn't want to start the day on 4.5 hours sleep.

Friday was a big day too as my last two interns who I have been managing left, and they had a little reunion in the evening. So I did make it to spin, but later I drank wine. In short, too much drinking, not what I would call excellent nutrition and skipping a day this week has left me feeling a bit flat.

I'm trying to tell myself I've got plenty of time and I will get into it this week, but after spending yesterday at the Triathlon Show (some amazing stuff there, see my next blog post for what I bought and who I saw) I'm now typing this with one eye on the rugby. (Go Ireland!)

I haven't gone out for a run or cycle yet as I'm a wimp and it's stormy and miserable out there. I don't want to be tired for tomorrow either so I want to do something that won't knacker me too much. A cycle seems sensible but then I haven't done much running this week. Either way it's going to be a battle to get out the door, not least because thefts from my underground car park mean I'm keeping the bike in the flat now. Four flights of stairs, anyone?

Update: I made it out for a soggy zone 2 (which turned into a zone 3) jog. Feeling fine the next day and am drinking and eating well today in prep for club this evening!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Mar 5th 2012 22:03
Well done for making it out in the rain, I also made it out(just) but then couldn't defrost for the rest of the day. Glad you enjoyed Phantom...I have tickets for June and can't wait!
charlieeliseby blog author: charlieelise, Mar 6th 2012 11:39
Thanks! It was worth it just to prove I could run and to feel my hip flexor. I HAVE to do mobilisations before I run otherwise it's really irritating. I have learned my lesson!
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