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so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

Training update: Only 18 weeks? My heart rate is working overtime!

charlieeliseby charlieeliseMay 23rd 2012
Eighteen weeks to go doesn't sound like very long so the title already freaks me out a bit!

It's been a couple of weeks since I did a training update. The running has in general been going well. I've started using a new app, Runtastic, which I will blog about separately. Suffice to say, it gives you real time feedback which is really helping me push myself. I'm now running at about 10km an hour consistently (I know that's considered easy by most people's standards but this is quite an improvement for me) and am pushing up the time gradually by 5 minutes per week.

The big news is perhaps my lactic threshold field test cycle coach and Richard did with me. I'd long suspected it wasn't quite right but he helped me discover that over a 20 minute period my heart rate stays rock solid, but at about 20 bpm higher than expected. We adjusted my max and zones accordingly, and my workouts have been much more informative since then. Running and cycling zones are naturally different for the heart rate but it has made a difference there too. No longer am I constantly maxing out the monitor but can see something more realistic. 

I did enter the Great British Swim and have just got my hat, chip (stuck onto hat) and baggage label through the post. I'm beginning to feel nervous about it. I'm a very confident swimmer, but I haven't swum that far before in open water and I want to do well. I'm aiming for half an hour. 

Recently with the warm weather (and current heat wave) I have been doing one long and at least one short run a week, with intervals of hill sprints. Cycling has been the usual commuting plus my coaching sessions but now I am going to start doing longer rides. I went out with Richard on Sunday and ended up doing 60km overall, although I did take the train some of the way home as my legs stopped responding after a while. We did some hill sprints plus he helped me with my out of saddle confidence, slimming, descending and turning - all of which needs a lot of work. At least I'm clipped in now! Swimming continues to be two sessions in the pool a week and I'm trying to fit in open water too.

Either way I'm clocking up more miles in all disciplines than I was last year but I still don't feel prepared. I need to do longer rides and get more runs in.

Last weekend I had a cold. I felt awful on Friday afternoon, evening and all into Saturday but was pretty much due for a rest day so took it off. I managed to get out to train with Richard on Sunday but started flagging when I got home. I took Monday off as I was still tired from Sunday - I definitely need to get more long distance cycling under my belt - and the cold was continuing. All I want right now is to be fit for Saturday's Great London Swim.

I did not think it was a good idea to swim on Tuesday but having weaned myself off the Lemsip I managed to get out for a short run on Wednesday, but taking the advice of Iron Fit I only did 20 minutes. That went well so tomorrow I will be back in the pool, trying to get ready for Saturday!
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