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Corinne's trying to tri blog
Corinne's trying to tri blog

Day 2 marathon / triathlon training

corinneeby corinneeJan 5th 2010
Today I went to another tri club run, my 4th run with them so far. I loved it, running with a great bunch of people really helped motivate me and afterwards I felt fantastic! BUT...I am always last and reallly struggle to keep up the pace.

I wanted to record how I feel at the moment as I plan to improve a lot between now and April. With fitness, it's always difficult to remember what it's like to start out on a training plan, you never believe how bad you were! My neighbour (who has entered the London marathon with me this year - at 62!) does not believe me when I tell her I too felt sick and couldn't breathe for the first few miles of any run. Simillarly, my non-sporty friends think 'oh it's easy for you - your fit'. Well, I can vouch for feeling utterly unfit whenever I run with the tri club - but that doesn't stop me! On our 7 mile run tonight, I wanted to quit after every hill effort. But I didn't, thanks to lots of support from my fellow members and a lot of willpower. I will fight the nausea, breathlessness and bottom of the class position and improve. Watch this space :-)
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