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Corinne's trying to tri blog
Corinne's trying to tri blog

Ironman Coach?

corinneeby corinneeJul 28th 2010
Feeling happy today as have had the all clear to exercise more. Doctors have said I can run properly in 3 weeks and until then I can adopt a walk/run strategy. My heart is healing well and things are looking great for getting back into training. I am a little anxious about the pain I experience and have said to myself as soon as I don't need the painkillers, I will head out for a very gentle walk/jog.

I have apprehension about how running will feel, with pain and my breathing. I have to listen to my body as this is tell me how much to push myself. Knowing medically things are ok spurs me on. I am lucky that my heart condition was easy to correct and I am unlikely to have any residual problems.

My experience to date (3 marathons, 1 olympic, 1 sprint) should allow me to get back into training fairly easily. Running will be the first discipline I tackle as this is an extension of my increasing long and faster daily walks. Cycling and swimming put more pressure on my sternum which takes 12 weeks to heal. However, the incision I opted for is the best for flexibility when exercising, particularly front crawl.

I am considering my long term aims and getting a triathlon coach. I'd like help structuring my training right from the beginning. I need someone who believes in me and my ability to (eventually) complete an Ironman. I am excited about the potential of my 'new heart'!
Crosstrainerby member: Crosstrainer, Jul 29th 2010 15:50
Hi Corinnee, I am pleased to see that you are recovering well from your operation and looking forward positively to getting back to exercise. You may remember I replied before and I would like to give you the benefit of my recovery programme. Perhaps you would like to email me at to continue the dialogue.
Pete Gibbs
Tiggatighby member: Tiggatigh, Aug 7th 2010 23:12
Glad to hear you on the mend. Same here - started back in gym and pool last week, walking as much as possible before knee/foot gives out, managed a short run before lungs gave out...biking is still too scary plus only got my hefty old mtb after accident.
If you would like/need a training buddy let me know, could do with some motivation myself and I think we live fairly close ?
Take care, really am pleased to hear all went well
Tiggatighby member: Tiggatigh, Aug 10th 2010 16:46

Did another gym session yesterday followed by 30 min swim, feeling bit more like it just very scared of things breaking :( Depending on how achey foot is in morning, could be time to try it out on the treadmill.
Accident - got hit off (now trashed) bike on the Sunseeker roundabout (Hamworthy side)
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