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Cranmere Pool
Cranmere Pool
Being the occasional thoughts of Pat S

The ride of the valkyrie?

cranmereby cranmereAug 1st 2010
I don't think i saw any other bikes at the time, but just in case you came across a madwoman shouting "55!" singing Wagner and giggling mightily at the top of Kings Weston hill on Saturday, it was me, celebrating finally getting up that darned hill. The hill has reduced me to walking several times but this time I knew before I was even at the steepest part that at last I had it beaten. The rest of the ride was a doddle by comparison, including Old Down hill at Tockington which gave me no trouble at all.

Why Wagner? It seemed appropriate at the time.
The people at the back
cranmereby cranmere Jul 19th 2010
I wish the tri magazines would occasionally feature the people whom I saw whilst marshalling at the weekend. Most of us find the performances of the front runners inspiring and the likes of Wellington awesome, but to me the truly inspiring people are...
I don't understand the mentality.
cranmereby cranmere Jul 16th 2010
What is it that leads some people to think that throwing things at passing cyclists out of their car windows is funny? Does it even occur to them that they could cause serious harm, and would they even care? I just don't understand what is funny abou...
What is it with bike shops?
cranmereby cranmere Jul 2nd 2010
To be fair I don't suppose there are very many short, fat, white-haired, 50-something women looking for serious bike kit but I've now met 2 bike shops which were less than helpful. Delicately questioning an oddball customer to find out what they real...
Maybe I've cracked the swimming
cranmereby cranmere Jun 18th 2010
Having done the first ever 400m continuous on Tuesday I repeated it today. Then did another 200m with a very brief pause just because I could. Progress at last!...
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