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Cranmere Pool
Cranmere Pool
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Hills and country dancing

cranmereby cranmereMay 4th 2010
I reckon country dancing counts as exercise and anyone wants to disagree can come and give it a try. I had forgotten just how much fun it is, especially when most of the others can also count to 8 and know right from left!

Just had one of the less good cycle rides I've done so far. It started out with a hailstorm (ouch), continued with not enjoying the Strawberry Line bike trail (not keen on the gravel surface and it was very slow). One good thing was nearly making it up Cheddar Gorge, only the very steepest corner defeated me. Even with my dinner-plate size rear gear I got slower and slower, and on the steepest part of the steepest corner the legs just wouldn't push anymore and I came to a total halt, fortunately next to a large rock that I could grab hold of. 50m walk and I was off again, and made the rest of the Gorge without further difficulty. We could, however, have done without Dave H. getting a puncture and then finding that both of the spares we carried had a manufacturing fault that caused the valve to rip out of the rubber. Fortunately a patch on the original puncture held and got us home.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, May 4th 2010 19:09
I know that corner! I had to walk the first time as well, you'll get it next time!

Punctures can be a pain, but I always look at it as extra rest and quite convenient when close to a tea shop!
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