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Cranmere Pool
Cranmere Pool
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I didn't know my legs knew so many rude words

cranmereby cranmereJun 12th 2010
Today I ticked off another of the local hills. Route was simple, out from Long Ashton, up the A38 and off past Chew Valley lake, across to Chewton Mendip and up the hill. Unfortunately the hill has recently been sprayed and gravelled and in the usual manner of Somerset councils has been left with huge drifts of loose gravel. Then down Wells hill. "You can do this without braking" says Dave H. "Like heck" says I and proceeded down the hill at a slightly more sedate pace. Once having stopped shaking (and consumed a disgusting gel and some liquid) it was back up the hill. To my surprise it was just a case of finding my lovely big dinner-plate bottom gear and winding my legs around. The legs got their revenge later however, since on the way back they announced that they had done quite enough for the day and were going to whinge all the rest of the way home. "Come on legs" works pretty well, but I knew things were getting a bit more serious when it was necessary to change that to "Shut up, legs" and finally "Shut up you bunch of whinging muscles and pedal."

Good dinner and plenty of therapeutic wine are called for.
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