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Cranmere Pool
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I'm a triathlete!

cranmereby cranmereJun 8th 2010
I can finally call myself a triathlete, having finished my novice's event at the Cotswold Women's Tri. I messed up the swim, walked most of the run but had a great bike leg. Now I know how to do it better next time and I will probably stop grinning some time in the middle of next week.
phunt77by member: phunt77, Jun 9th 2010 20:56
maidayby member: maiday, Jun 10th 2010 12:10
Well done!
Trevervaby member: Treverva, Jun 11th 2010 01:23
Congratulations! Don't stop feels good!
johnby member: john, Jul 6th 2010 23:29
Well Done.
Keep going. My turn August 1st.
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