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Cranmere Pool
Cranmere Pool
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What is it with bike shops?

cranmereby cranmereJul 2nd 2010
To be fair I don't suppose there are very many short, fat, white-haired, 50-something women looking for serious bike kit but I've now met 2 bike shops which were less than helpful. Delicately questioning an oddball customer to find out what they really need is great. Responding to a query about tri shoes by offering the pale blue women's MTB shoes and flowery-embellished helmets is not. Persisting in asking about tri shoes I was then told that I wouldn't need tri shoes until I was actually entering an event. Then the fun bit.
"Do you have a bike already?"
"Yes, one of the Specialized women's road bikes."
"Oh, would that be the Dulce?"
"No. A Ruby." Pause whilst his expression started to change. "S Works."
I left without admitting that the bike far outclasses my ability to ride it but had the satisfaction of seeing his realisation that he had just lost a potential sale.
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