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Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
When I started this blog, it was to track my progress from an occasional kayaker to taking on the Devizes to Westminster non stop 125 race. Little did I know that would start me on a long distance obsession which has resulted in my completing the 30th Marathon des Sables. It has been a strange and sometimes painful ... but always wonderfully challenging journey

This is my occasional account of a middle-age mother's attempt to take on things which are really quite beyond her.


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6 months of training, 1 fall and it's all over before it began
crawlingkiwiby crawlingkiwi Apr 5th 2012
It's just a day before the start of the race which has occupied my every waking moment for the past few weeks and every training session for the past 6 months. But I'll no longer be on the start line. It has been a tricky couple of weeks. I was tr...
50 but not out
crawlingkiwiby crawlingkiwi Dec 29th 2011
When I was 15 I grandly declared that when I reached 50 I was going to kill myself as there was no reason to carry on after that point. As the dreaded age approaches, I find that my daughters are not fully supportive of my teenage plans, so I've come...
Race Day Report Part Two - World Quadrathlon Championships. Tough on the Supporters too.
crawlingkiwiby crawlingkiwi Aug 25th 2011
The role of supporter is hugely under-estimated - all the focus is on the athlete, but the organisation and demands on those of us left holding the water bottles and outer-layers is simply not understood. Our preparation, health, fitness, lung capaci...
A Truly Tragic Week
crawlingkiwiby crawlingkiwi Jan 15th 2011
This week I was given a lesson in what really matters. At the start of the week I was very focused on the floods in Australia, particularly when we lost contact with my niece who lives in Brisbane next to the river. She turned up safe and sound, if a...
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