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Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
When I started this blog, it was to track my progress from an occasional kayaker to taking on the Devizes to Westminster non stop 125 race. Little did I know that would start me on a long distance obsession which has resulted in my completing the 30th Marathon des Sables. It has been a strange and sometimes painful ... but always wonderfully challenging journey

This is my occasional account of a middle-age mother's attempt to take on things which are really quite beyond her.

A lovely cycle, except for the over the cliff bit

crawlingkiwiby crawlingkiwiMar 30th 2011
The headline said it all - cyclist with suspected serious head injuries after plunging down a cliff. It didn't mention that the cyclist in question however, was my brother-in-law, who was cycling a fabulous route in Dunedin (NZ) and appears not to have taken a sharp turn, preferring the straight ahead and over approach. Fortunately the head injuries don't seem too bad, some bleeding on the brain, concussion memory loss and stitches, but his shoulder is badly smashed up along with his clavicle, so he's going to need some operations and a metal plate to sort the mess out. He has 8 broken ribs and apparently has bruised his lungs. He also thinks it's April 2009, which is causing slight amusement, as his marital state (with my sister) changed within the last year ... not sure what he thinks the state of play is!

He went off the edge of the road, through a wire fence and down 6 metres. He was lucky that the group he was riding with realised on reaching the nearby town, that he was missing and re-traced their route back up the hill. One of the group was a police-woman and summoned the air-ambulance immediately; he was damned lucky he wasn't out cycling on his own. He is also lucky that NZ has a bit of a no-tolerance policy on cycling without a helmet. For a gung-ho country of people who have a go at anything dangerous, they are absurdly safety-conscious and cycle helmets are mandatory. If he hadn't been wearing one, he'd be dead.

Crashing like this is one of my biggest fears in triathlon. I have a fantastic Cervelo bike, which I have barely ridden because to be honest, I'm a little bit scared of it. I tend to take my daughter's slightly heavier Specialised road bike, because I'm more confident riding that in the rain. It's also one of the reasons I now paddle more than bike/run - falling out of my boat might leave me cold and wet (with hypothermia of course, if it's in the middle of winter), but I don't get broken bones.
IMnadineby member: IMnadine, Mar 31st 2011 17:27
I am so sorry to hear about your brother in law´s accident how terrible! I pray he will heal fast! I understand your fear! Having gone down a couple of times it is something that sometimes it is hard to get over. I hope all is well soon!
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