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Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
When I started this blog, it was to track my progress from an occasional kayaker to taking on the Devizes to Westminster non stop 125 race. Little did I know that would start me on a long distance obsession which has resulted in my completing the 30th Marathon des Sables. It has been a strange and sometimes painful ... but always wonderfully challenging journey

This is my occasional account of a middle-age mother's attempt to take on things which are really quite beyond her.

It's purple, it sparkles and it's beautiful

crawlingkiwiby crawlingkiwiFeb 25th 2011
As all athletes know (even pretend wannabes like me) the right kit and equipment is essential. Obviously the right colour and numerous gadgets make us faster and better, how else to explain the sums of money I've spent on electronic bits and pieces over the years? I'm such a gadget geek - if i can track it, upload it and muse over it, I'm seldom happier. And to be frank, I'm actually fairly useless, but I set my own goals, my own targets - my gradual improvements represent my own success.

So to the new purple sparkly addition - my 'new' (ie second-hand) boat. A step up from the hideously lime green stable bath-tub I've been paddling! I thought I was buying something navy and white so was thrilled to see such a beautiful boat - I am sure the man I bought it from was rolling his eyes as I waxed lyrical about its sparkles, but I didn't care.

But the best news, is that I took it out for a gentle paddle yesterday, sure I was going to take an inadvertent swim, but managed to keep it upright and actually did 18km. I was worried it was going to be like my top-of-the-range cycle, a lovely Cervelo, which I am frankly, a little bit afraid to ride. I should really sell it as I usually borrow my daughter's Specialised, which is a little heavier and feels safer, but I can't bring myself to part with my beautiful cycle.

Paddling this new boat so well does represent a huge step forward for me, as I've stuck to safety and stability instead of speed, for the past year. It will take a bit more time before I'm confident to use my purple beauty in a marathon race, as mass starts are notoriously difficult to stay upright in, but my 18k yesterday makes me think I can do it.

And did I mention, it is also sparkly?
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